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Let me help you find your next home. My real estate experience and construction background gives you an added edge.

If you're a first time home buyer, I'll help you determine your " Buying Power ". We'll look at sources of income and your financial reserves to determine your buying capacity. I'd love to sell you an expensive home, but would rather see you buy conservatively. Buyers that over extend themselves can wind up " house poor ", because they can't afford much else but their mortgage payment. Your first home should be a learning/earning home. To obtain a ballpark idea on what price home you qualify for, click on the following:

Mortgage Calculator

Keep in mind that there are many factors involved; this is a conservative estimate, and most people qualify for much higher loans.

Remember, owning a home will automatically have financial benefits in terms of tax savings. Because everyone's financial situation is different, check with your tax advisor to determine how much you can save. Also remember, a home is an investment as well as a place to live. A smart home purchase can earn appreciation, which can be used when you out-grow your first home. I'll help you identify the best homes on the market and help you avoid the ones that aren't.

Once I have your "Home Profile", we can begin our search. The one thing that I require of my clients is to be loyal. I will be investing a lot of time and effort with you in this enterprise. At some point, after a period of getting to know each other. I will ask you to sign a buyer brokerage agreement. That agreement simply states that I am your buyer agent. There are only two types of agents out there, agents who work for the buyer, and those who work for the seller. There is no cost to you; my commission is paid, in part, through the agreement offered by the selling broker. State law requires us to identify what our relationship is and formalize it in writing. If at any point you're not totally satisfied with my service, we can mutually cancel our agreement.

As your buyer agent, I will help you identify prospective homes for your consideration. These homes come from the Metropolitan Regional Information System, that all realtors are affiliated with. In other cases, I can identify homes that will be coming on the market in various neighborhoods through my network of real estate contacts. During this time period, I will provide you with school, real estate tax, community, and zoning information. This will provide you the information needed to make an intelligent purchase.

Once we have identified your potential home purchase, I will help you put together and present your contractual offer. I will represent you in further negotiations on price, terms, financial options, inspections, and dates of possession. If you have special concerns regarding this home, and require specific inspections as contingencies of purchase, I can help you identify professionals to provide these inspections.

My job is also to identify the most qualified lenders who have the best mortgage rates and will deliver what they promise. We will also identify the different loan programs available to you. Many of the choices you make will be based on what your long and short term real estate plans are.

I will also accompany you to your settlement; many agents or their brokers won't. Although the settlement attorney represents the transaction, and not either party, I will be there to advise you and represent your concerns, should any last minute issues should arise at the settlement table.

In conclusion, I want you to have a successful and stress-free home buying experience. See what my clients have to say about working with me; I look forward to working with you.

Home Ownership vs. Renting

Mortgage Calculator

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